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This is camera two of the Janet Kuypers 08/08/09 live Chicago performance of poetry (with 2 pieces of prose, with a separately released chapbook at and called "Getting Wired") at Starbucks for this live audience. Go to to read the full piece of writing, or to read more of her work.
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by Gripp, Andreas
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New and Selected Poems by Canadian Poet Andreas Gripp, published by Harmonia Press in 2009. 175pp.
Topics: Poetry, Canadian Poetry, 21st-century Poetry, Poems, Andreas Gripp
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A collection of spontaneous, spiritual, socio-political, and beat-inspired poems by Canadian poet Andreas Gripp now available in a single volume. Published by Harmonia Press, Summer 2013. ISBN 978-1-927734-01-8.
Topics: Poetry, 21st-century Poetry, Beat Poetry, Canadian Poetry, Andreas Gripp, People's Poetry, Populist...